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Campaign Optimization

Campaign optimization is Also known as conversion optimization in the Pay Per Click realm, PPC campaign optimization seeks to better plan, organize and execute a PPC advertising endeavor. Whether for a new or an existing campaign, Pay Per Click optimization can reverse losses and promote profitability.

At the Innocent Virus, we have the resources and experience to help refine your paid search advertising efforts. Our Pay Per Click team has extensive expertise in PPC campaign optimization and can help in many aspects, such as keyword research and ad grouping, split-testing creative’s, implementing ad links and extensions, and landing page optimization. We put together unique service packages and offer guidance through consulting as well as provide complete marketing campaign overhauls.


Through our processes of Pay Per Click conversion optimization, we are able to help many different businesses realize success in paid search advertising. We utilize a number approaches and PPC campaign optimization techniques, such as:

  • Narrowed keyword and ad grouping, resulting in better quality scores and consumer-focused ads
  • Extensive split-testing of ad creative’s and placements
  • implementing ad extensions for mobile devices and enhanced PPC listings applying Google AdWords tools for campaign development, ad placement opportunities, and negative keyword research
  • landing page optimization and conversion funnel optimization (post-click PPC optimization)

Whether as your own practice or a hired service, PPC Optimization is the crux for all paid search advertisers. At the innocent virus, we are happy to help optimize your PPC campaign for further click-through, conversions, and improved return on your Website Optimization investment. Contact us to learn more about our PPC conversion optimization services.